Installation of Geojsplit

Geojsplit is pure python, with no C dependencies. It does rely on a few useful third party packages

  • ijson - Used for streaming JSON documents

  • geojson - Used for serializing valid GeoJSON documents

  • simplejson - Used for serializing decimal.Decimal objects as a result of ijson parsing.

With poetry

For an introduction to poetry.

$ poetry add geojsplit

will add geojsplit to your current virtual environment and update your poetry.lock file. If you would like to contribute or develop geojsplit

$ git clone
$ cd geojsplit
$ poetry install


You may need some extra configuration to make poetry play nice with conda virtual environments.

$ poetry config settings.virtualenvs.path $CONDA_ENV_PATH
$ poetry config settings.virtualenvs.create 0

See for more info.

With pip

Though geojsplit is developed using poetry (and as such does not have a, pep517 implementation in pip means we can install it directly.

$ pip install geojsplit


Because there is no pip install -e . will not work. You can get similar behavior with poetry install.