geojsplit package


geojsplit.geojsplit module

Module for geojson streaming logic

Makes use of the excelent ijson library to stream and parse into python objects a JSON document starting at the features item. This assumes that a geojson is in the form

    "type": "FeatureCollection",
    "features": [
        { ... },
class geojsplit.geojsplit.GeoJSONBatchStreamer(geojson: Union[str, pathlib.Path])

Bases: object

Wrapper class around ijson iterable, allowing iteration in batches


Filepath for a valid geojson document.


Union[str, Path]

__init__(geojson: Union[str, pathlib.Path]) → None

Constructor for GeoJSONBatchStreamer


geojson (Union[str, Path]) – Filepath for a valid geojson document. Will attempt to convert to a Path object regardless of input type.


FileNotFoundError – If geojson does not exist.

stream(batch: Optional[int] = None, prefix: Optional[str] = None) → Iterator[geojson.feature.FeatureCollection]

Generator method to yield batches of geojson Features in a Feature Collection.

  • batch (Optional[int], optional) – The number of features in a single batch. Defaults to 100.

  • prefix (Optional[str], optional) – The prefix of the element of interest in the geojson document. Usually this should be ‘features.item’. Only change this if you now what you are doing. See for more info. Defaults to ‘features.item’.


(Iterator[geojson.feature.FeatureCollection]) – The next batch of features wrapped in a new Feature Collection. This itself is just a subclass of a Dict instance, containing typical geojson attributes including a JSON array of Features. When StopIteration is raised, will yield whatever has been gathered so far in the data variable to ensure all features are collected.

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